starring Cat mcneil

talon SHAPED eyeliner 



By Beauty Director Christine Cherbonnier @christinecherbonnier



For Cat’s liner in the Documentary Beauty 003 cover image I wanted to keep it very raw and simple but differentiate this liner look from her “cat eye” look. I felt the owl’s talons symbolized power, had a perfect shape and could still look beautiful as an eyeliner. I wanted her eyes next to the owl’s eyes to really draw you in and be intransing.


I used the same Makeup Forever Aqua Black cream liner as I did for the cat eye, applying it with two different liner brushes, the MAC #266 and #209. Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow gel was used to groom the brows.


For Cat’s skin I touched her up with the RCMA foundation/concealer palette in VK#11. I love this palette it's not dry or texturizing on the skin, and the colors are great for blending. I buffed the concealer/foundation through the t-zone using my favorite new synthetic Chanel Foundation Brush. I used my favorite brush for under eyes the MAC #217 blending brush. I used MAC blush in Taupe to define Cat's cheekbones using the large Chanel Powder/Contour brush, followed by the Madina Milano Chic and Shine stick to the top of cheeks, bridge of the nose, and cupid's bow giving her a natural but dreamy glow.


For her lips I used Smith’s Rosebud Salve to have a natural yet hydrated look, using my favorite flat synthetic MAC brush #242, I can’t live without this brush for lip application!



After I touched up her makeup and applied the talon-shaped liner, I focused on the butterfly placement. At first the colors of the butterflies were my inspiration for makeup design, there were so many possibilities for a major color moment inspired by the patterns and metallics of the wings. I found one particular butterfly and the entire beauty concept just clicked for me. It wasn’t colorful at all in fact it looked more like a moth, it was called the owl butterfly.

Owl butterflies, are known for their huge spots which resemble owl’s eyes. They only fly a few meters at a time, at dusk, and when they hang side by side together in there resting place, they look like an owl’s eyes to scare off predators. It was then I realized that the eyes on all the animals for this story are the connection, bringing them all together as one spirit animal. I really wanted to capture the similarities between the eyes of all the animals and Cat.



I ordered the preserved butterfly specimens from a reputable company that works very hard to keep butterfly populations healthy in endangered areas. I learned so much about butterfly life span, and the idea that we could make art out of the specimens I thought was really beautiful. I only hope if I’m ever a butterfly I can perch upon a supermodels boob after I die! omg!! Lol, jk!!

Our Documentary Beauty 003 cover image was the moment I had dreamed of, the animal eyes concept radiates throughout this image, capturing all the eyes at once tying them together, gazing back at you.


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