starring julia banas



By Beauty Editor Christine Cherbonnier  


This mono chrome color contour look isn't your everyday makeup moment but if I saw you at the grocery store or on the train, I would be so obsessed with you! This look was very much inspired by Debbie Harry, the queen of 80’s cool girl contour. I love how she wears blush on the top of the cheek bones, around her temples, and in the crease of her eyes, Grace Jones rocked this legendary color statement too. I’ve also been inspired by this lip color for ages, its something you’d never guess could work on almost everyone.


media-20171219 (1).jpg



When I was a baby makeup artist back in 2003 I wore alot! of CB96 lipstick by MAC, with Green Envy and Humid eyeshadow. Living in Seattle year round I had really pale skin, it was the early 2000’s, so of course my hair was dyed black. I basically was going for this Debbie look every single day of my life, I was obsessed!




This Color Contour look on Julia was created using Ben Nye Indian Copper Lumière Luxe Powder as the eye, lip and cheek color. The pigment is glowy, not glittery, has a beautiful golden hue, and photographs amazingly. I started by focusing color under the cheekbones to create a deeper contour, and then blending upwards towards the temples. I blended the color like a halo around the forehead and hairline before taking using the reamining pigment,  blending back and forth in the crease.

I moisturized Julias lips using Lucas Paw Paw ointment, then wiping it away removing any acess oil residue. I pressed the pigment into the lips using my fingers, building as I go till the lips are opaque with pigment. I wanted the lip to be bright but not perfectly drawn, and have a blended hazy look like the rest of the face. Lastly I powdered the T- Zone with Guerlain Meteorites Highlighting powder and groomed the Brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear brow gel. I suggest using Ben Nye Lumière Luxe Powder any part of the face or body with different blending mediums, it’s pretty much magic!


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