starring rose smith

Metallic Makeup for eyes and lips


By Beauty Editor Christine Cherbonnier


Metallic Makeup For Eyes and Lips is inspired by precious metals and reflective light in nature. The name Lovesick for Metallic comes from those moments when you see something so beautiful it gives you heartache; a full moon reflecting on the ocean at night, ancient Egyptian jewelry, gilded statues from ancient Rome.


This video has a special place in my heart because it was our first time documenting beauty behind the scenes, and is just now available for special release on our new section titled Makeup Stories. I loved working with all the different mediums, metals, and textures, I've always been so inspired by reflection and light. It's hard to find a color on the spectrum that can evoke the same feelings of a reflective metal, or modern day metallic.


I recently watched a documentary called Treasure from the Wreck of the Unbelievable. The film documents the raising from the ocean floor hundreds of objects of buried marble, gold, bronze, crystal, jade, and malachite. As they pulled the ancient gold statues out of the sea my heart skipped a beat, it was breathtaking to see how the light hit the gold figures that had been buried in the dark for 2000 years. I hope this video inspires you to create your own stunning metallic looks at home and their brilliance makes your heart skip a beat!


How To Get The Look:


Sourcing the materials for this shoot was the funnest part. My go-to for all the best mixing mediums to make your metallic powders really glow is the beauty supply store called Alcone. In the opening of our Lovesick for Metallic video I used the Makeup Forever Extra Large Glitters in N01 Gold with Ben Nye Liquid Set. For the copper and silver eye, I used the Mehron Metallic Powder in Rose and Silver blended with MAC Copper Sparkle pigment and the Danessa Myricks Bionic Activating Gel. The rose gold and gold leaf eye was created using metallic paper by Mona Lisa Art Products in Gold Leaf and Rose Gold Flakes, applied with Ben Nye liquid set. The final lash look was Kryolan Lashes in Show Girl Silver applied with DUO lash adhesive in Clear.


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