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OWL EYES butterfly MASK


By Beauty Editor Christine Cherbonnier @christinecherbonnier


For the Owl Eyes Butterfly Mask design we wanted to trigger the imagination as this was definitely the most psychedelic of all the looks. Kayla and I wanted to evoke the feeling of someone experiencing a spiritual connection with the animal, or even having a DMT experience and connecting with the soul of the animal. I was also inspired by the humanization we often seek in nature like the man in the moon and faces or figures in cloud and rock formations.


The specimen of butterfly that inspired it all was the Owl Butterfly, or Caligo, meaning darkness. It blew my mind wide open. The owl butterflies are known for their huge eyespots which resemble owl’s eyes. They only fly a few meters at a time, at dusk, and when they hang side by side together in their resting place they look like an owl’s eyes to scare off predators. It’s as if the butterflies are their own scarecrows. I realized that the eyes of all the animals in the story were the connection, tying them all together as one spirit animal.

Preserved Butterfly Mask.png

I ordered the preserved butterfly specimens from a reputable company called The Butterfly Company out of Chicago. They have been in the industry working with artists and collectors for decades. It was important to me to source the specimens from an ethical company. I thought the idea of using the specimens was a really beautiful way of celebrating their life and eternal beauty. The Butterly Company donates a portion of all proceeds to help grow butterfly species in endangered regions


When Cat finally walked on set with the Owl Eyes Mask she got a lot of oohs and aahs. I was totally cracking up, it looked so unnatural because the eye markings on the butterfly are not symmetrically similar to human eyes. Allison the stylist said to me, “I bet you someone will make sunglasses like this”, and now I’m obsessed with the idea!


Cat’s makeup for this look was natural and radiant. Pretty much my everyday skin basics. I have every one of these products in my personal makeup bag. For skin I used the Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation #112, applied with the the Giorgio Armani Foundation brush. Next I needed a little contour to the skin but still wanted it to look natural and blushy, not bronze. I used MAC Taupe blush applied with the Chanel Powder/Contour brush. To create a glowing natural finish to the skin I used the Madina Milano Chic and Shine Stick pressed into the skin using my finger, I applied it to the top of the cheeks, top of the nose and the cupids bow. Next, I used Smith’s Rosebud Salve for a natural but hydrated lip using with the MAC #242 Brush. The butterfly wings were applied with a Shu Uemura lash applicator and Duo Clear lash Adhesive. For hair Creative Director and Hairstylists Kayla Michele used the Oribe Gel Serum Radiance Magic and Hold to create a coiffed wet texture.



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