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starring LAIS RIBEIRO 



By Beauty Director Kayla MiChele   @kaylamichelehair


It's not every day that the hairstyle my clients request is such an exciting look! A huge thank you to Harper’s Bazaar for inspiring me to create pure magic on supermodel Lais Riberio. The day was full of gold-inspired beauty and fashion. The deputy beauty director of Harper’s Bazaar US, Anne-Marie Guarnieri, expressed the look that she wanted was molten gold hair... and boy was that a fun adventure to explore!


I began the dramatic transformation from brunette to molten gold on Lais with a minimalistic, cool, and sleek updo impacted with high shine. If you try the look at home, I highly recommend a good cape and towel nearby, as things are about to get messy in a very fun way.




The sleek shine and wet look was achieved by applying Life-Flo Sunflower Seed Oil from roots to ends. My co-editor-in-chief at DOCUMENTARYBEAUTY, Christine Cherbonnier, gifted me the oil specifically for the shoot. She added a few drops of French lavender essential oil to give an alluring scent.  


I combed the hair back and away from the face, leaving behind a trace of comb teeth marks in the hairstyle for a cool texture. I gathered the hair very low at the nape of the neck for this updo—I love how it feels like a very cool girl placement for the knot. I used an elastic band to secure the hair into a ponytail and created the sleek knot by looping the ponytail up and to the right, and pulling the ends through the loop. Next, I pressed the knot flat and tight to the head to minimize volume and secured with several bobby pins, leaving the tail of the knot sticking out to create a more interesting and intricate design. 




The look I wanted to create was inspired by the texture of the hair I've seen on gold statues of angels in Paris. Thick, luscious, chunky, three-dimensional bends is what I wanted to achieve in this hairstyle.


I experimented with two paint mediums. The recipes are quite easy. I prepared two custom product blends to have a thicker and a thinner solution to play with.


Fine Oil Blend

Life-Flo Organic, Cold Pressed Pure Sunflower Oil (alternative suggestions: Life-Flo Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil, Life-Flo Cold Pressed Pure Almond Oil)

Optional - A few drops of essential oils

Mehron Metallic Powder in shade Gold

Make Up For Ever Metal Powder in shade Sunflower Gold 1 


Thick Gel Blend

50% Oribe Rock Hard Gel

50% Organic Vegetable Glycerin by Sky Organics

Optional - A few drops of essential oils

Mehron Metallic Powder in shade Gold

Make Up For Ever Metal Powder in shade Sunflower Gold 1 


I blended the two gold powders together to create a more balanced gold tone, as the Mehron powder has a very warm undertone, while the Make Up For Ever powder has a more cool undertone.


I recommend starting with your mixing mediums and then adding the gold powders, using a colorist mixing bowl. Mix hard with a colorist whisk until the powder is well blended.  Have fun with the ratios and experiment.  


Harper's Bazaar's Style Director, Joanna Hillman, requested that I design the first molten gold look with a more minimal approach to perfectly compliment the outfit, which was what had to be the most amazing jumpsuit I have ever seen, designed by Atelier Versace with mesmerizing gold sequins. 


I began by taking a painterly approach by using a small colorist hairbrush and placing the first molten gold strokes to frame the face with the thick gel blend. The thicker blend gave an intense, three-dimensional effect, which felt like creating a sculpture. I then experimented with the fine oil blend and used it to fill in the gaps between the heavier paint strokes. 


The finished look was divine! 


Later in the day, we went in for the closeup and took the look to full dramatics by painting every last inch of Lais’s dark hair gold.


I took it back to an old technique I learned in my early salon days to saturate the hair with the fine oil blend, treating the paint as if it was hair color being applied roots to ends.


To re-create the look, I suggest making four sections of hair using sectioning clips. Use a comb to make an ear-to-ear parting, and a second parting down the middle of the head from forehead to nape,  as if you were making a parting for pigtails. Start in the back and take 1-inch sections and paint roots to ends. Then work your way up the head.


Once all the hair was painted, I used my fingers to comb the hair back away from the face. I used an elastic band to secure the hair in a low ponytail again at the base of the neck and repeated the cool knot updo. 


Luckily, Milk Studios has a nice shower, so Lais did not have to walk outside literally dripping in gold—not the most realistic hairstyle to wear out as the paint does rub off! Lais mentioned that it took a long time to wash out and few good shampoos, since oil and water do not mix well. 


She was really such a great sport being the subject of the messy look... she's such a cool chick! So many laughs were shared and I can't wait to work with that beauty again!  


Grateful to say... this molten gold hair look is one of my favorite editorial looks I've ever created and was captured so beautifully! An absolute must-add for the portfolio! 





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