A Beauty Consultant Point Of View of The Grammys 2018 Red Carpet

By Beauty Director KAYLA MICHELe


My favorite annual event that has a sea of celebrities pulling out their most statement worthy beauty and fashion looks is The Grammys. Not only because musicians are so much more fascinating to me than actors, but also because the event calls for the celebrities to express who they are as the can go very casual to over the top costume.

My favorite look head to toe was Lady Gaga, she felt very gothic romantic to me, not only did she look beautiful but she served us some well executed creativity with her hairstyle. The very platinum blonde wig she wore had two fishtail braids that haloed off her temples and combined in the back into one single braid in the back which finished with a very long whip like end. Black ribbon was then stitched in between the 2 braids in a crisscross pattern comparable to a corset. Reminds me of a corset hair updo I created for InStyle UK back in 2003… I think I should put this image back in my portfolio since it may be trending.


Lady Gaga Hair Styling Grammys 2018 Red Carpet .jpg
Kayla MiChele corset updo.jpg

Her very gothic glam makeup was done by my dearest friend Sarah Tanno who has been working with her for years…love it Sarah.. almost as much as I love you! A few years ago Sarah asked me if I was interested working with Gaga and I can remember responding very quickly with my answer. I felt in my heart that I couldn’t be a great hairstylist suggestion for their camp simply because, NYC, fashion, and more of a freedom to not work everyday with one client was where my headspace was. Big mistake? Lol! Maybe…


I also was so personally drawn to Gaga’s look because her dress looks exactly every dress that I had on my wedding mood board for my bridesmaid dresses.

gaga full length.jpg


My favorite haircut and color combination on the red carpet was Bebe Ruxha.. I had no idea who this woman was when she hit the red carpet. I love when someone has such amazing hair that I want to learn everything about the person. Her bleach blonde choppy bob and tousled texture was showstopping for me.


Bebe Rexha.jpg

Next up for my third favorite hair look for the Grammys was Jenny McCarthy’s blue hair, simply because it gave me 90’s Gwen Stefani vibes … sweet sweet nostalgia. When Jenny was interviewed about her hair color choice… she mentioned that she was bored so she went blue. Blue happens to also be my favorite creative colors in the hair. I love people that change their hairstyle a lot… not only a fun canvas for a hairdresser, but I admire people that do not hang onto a hairstyle simply because I had the same hairstyle for 9 years and still cannot imagine switching it up.

Jenny McCarthy.jpg
gwen stefani.jpg

Side note - I wonder if the hair look I created on A$AP Rocky for Interview Magazine inspired Kendrick Lamar’s red carpet look?


Kendrick lamar.jpg
asap rocky .jpg

My favorite hair accessory goes to Lana Del Rey’s Headpiece with a halo of stars dancing around her head. I wish I could pull that one off! Anything with moon and stars I love.

lana del rey.jpg
Lana Del Rey Headpiece Grammy Red Carpet 2018.jpg

My favorite makeup look this year goes to Rita Ora. The bare eyes with the glossy eyelids paired with a deep vampy red lipstick and a pop of highlight on the cheekbone was so chic. I found that Rita can go very heavy with makeup in the past and quite frankly I find her more beautiful like this with much less makeup.

Rita Ora bare eyes gloss eye lid  red vampy lipstick makeup Grammy Ceremony 2018 .jpg

That’s a wrap of my fav beauty looks of the Grammys! What were your favorite looks?