Putting this whole experience into words has been the hardest part of launching DOCUMENTBEAUTY! As a makeup artist, writing about makeup and skincare is second nature to me, but sharing my experience as a magazine editor and beauty director and launching the magazine is such a personal experience and a whole new journey. Being involved every step of the way, from creating concepts, makeup design, producing, to video and photo editing, has been the most rewarding experience of my career. Before we started this journey, the exciting feeling and gratification of seeing my makeup in print was everything. Now, there is so much more emotion and energy put into these editorial stories and videos. DOCUMENTARYBEAUTY has allowed me so much more fulfillment as an artist. Makeup is no longer my only medium—I can now focus my creativity into new channels like writing, designing, editing, and photography.

My friendship and creative partnership with Kayla has really been the heart of this project. Kayla and I have worked side by side for years on editorial shoots and fashion shows, in addition to being close friends. Going through this process with someone you love and respect as an artist and best friend has been such an inspiring and beautiful experience. (insert heart eyes)

Seeing the content and direction of the fashion industry change so much over the last nine years was another motivation to launch DOCUMENTARYBEAUTY. As a makeup artist, I never felt I had much control over my work. I could create and execute a beautiful design, but I would most often have no say in the final edit, even what retouching was done. Now, as a beauty director, seeing the project through from conception to finish is so gratifying! 

I hope this inspires people to achieve that same feeling by creating their own authentic moments of beauty, whether as an artist in the industry or in their everyday lives. Being able to share my living documentary of beauty is a dream come true for me, and I hope it inspires you to document the moments of beauty in your life, too.