Dear Diary,

2018 has arrived! It’s 11 degrees outside here in NYC, so I am happy to be at home with my pretty christmas tree, frankincense candles and cuddly cats. Today I plan to spend the first day of the new year with reflecting in the morning and manifesting in the afternoon.


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The year of 2017 has been an incredible journey in my career… one of my proudest moments happened when I was surprised with an introduction from a beauty editor based in Milan who works for VOGUE Italia, the lovely woman is, Vittoria Filippi Gabardi. She mentioned that she follows me on instagram and that she would like to publish some of my looks as she plans to make an overview of the most interesting beauty names and talents and would love to feature my work and point me as one of the greatest talent of the moment. So cool!


She asked for my portrait, bio and archival images that are my favorite in my body of work. With the submission of the photos, I explained that a lot of the images that are my favorite in my body of work evoke more of a fine art vibe rather than fashion imagery, which is why she will see some nudes.


When I received the issue by mail, covered with a beautifully naked and yoga posed model shot by Sølve Sundsbø, I was in a “pinch me I’m dreaming” state of mind seeing that my interview followed after Guido Palau’s interview. My feature was on page 34 of the November issue in VOGUE Italia, where I learned that the image that they decided to feature of my work had a special place in my heart! They choose to feature one of the images from the DOCUMENTBEAUTY exclusive launch story starring Joan Smalls. I was thrilled to learn this because this image is very personal to me, as this photoshoot was my debut shoot as a creative director and it also birthed my baby DOCUMENTBEAUTY.


I did a google translation of the article and learned that I need to have a professional translator help me out with a few of the sentences as they all do not make perfect sense..lol.

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For KAYLA MICHELE the coiffage

it's a way of doing art: "She has the

magic of transforming people”

"My source of inspiration is nature, it is street style, all hybrids and architecture. When I have full creative freedom I am not afraid of using a balloon to create
static electricity in your hair. The creative process is very important. The creativity it repeats itself, returns like a mantra between the words of Kayla MiChele, highly acclaimed international hairstyle talent. She is 32 and lives in New York: "I love to laugh, feel good. I'm a tomboy, incredibly passionate and grateful to life". Her career started immediately under a good star, Guido Palau: "One of my dearest friends, Erin Parsons, was Pat McGrath’s assistant. It was she who introduced me to Guido for accompany him in the parades around the world. With him I refined my aesthetic. I think he really deserves to be defined an icon! " Hair for Kayla they are "a means of making art. They have the magical power to transform people. They give you the chance to have an alter ego". Dialogue fascinates her profession I continue with fashion: Sometimes they are
a little bored with all this beauty minimalist. Even if, after all, it is the essence of the modern woman. Except some exception: the look created by Alexander McQueen for spring-summer 18 is the example of all we hope for see, on an artistic level. A true inspiration. 2018 promises to be full of commitments, including the launching of a line
luxury hair & skin care line and a magazine online: "documentbeauty". •

Thank you so much to Vittoria Filippi Gabardi for the feature!!!!!


The Q&A that Vittoria and I shared is quite raw and more in depth…


What do  you like the most in your work? What do you love about hair in general?


I love to be creative... to create art.  Hair as a medium is the best way I know how to create art.   


I love the magic of transformation with hair... it's amazing how a different hairstyle can make you feel like a different person.  Wigs are fun for exploring an alter ego.


Can you talk about yourself  a little, present yourself. What do you read, which kind of movies, books.


People that know me well see me as a goofy tomboy who likes to play dress up.  I live to laugh.  I'm an incredibly passionate, lucky and grateful human.  For entertainment, I just want a good laugh or to learn something meaningful.  I love documentaries of course, but I am totally obsessed with the tv shows Shark Tank and Impractical Jokers.   I am currently reading The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine as I am studying ingredients for the launch of my hair & skin care line called Message Organics.


Can you tell us something about the link between beauty and fashion?


It always starts with the garments in fashion ... then the beauty is designed to compliment the clothing.   Honestly, I find that my peers in the fashion industry are a bit bored with beauty right now ... it's so minimalistic.. but yet, that is our modern day woman.  We get excited to see beauty that creates a character and is statement worthy, Alexander McQueen backstage beauty is a great example of what we crave to see and be inspired by as artists.... truly walking pieces of art


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How did your career start?

I started cosmetology school in year 2000 during 10th grade in high school ... I basically grew up as a hairdresser. I worked my way up for years in salons, but always knew my heart was in fashion and completely manifested moving to NYC one day to make my dreams come true.


How did you meet Guido, and what has changed in your life?

One of my best friends, Erin Parsons, used to be Pat McGrath's first assistant for several years.  She was very supportive of me and believed in me, so she recommended me to Guido and his team as an assistant for shows.   I was on the team immediately... I traveled to Milan, Paris and of course worked in my hometown NYC with his team.  I traveled to new places and I learned a lot of refinement with my hair esthetic working with him.  He truly deserves to be called a icon!   It's a different world working backstage on the most prestigious fashion shows of the world... eye opening and jaw dropping experiences in countless ways for the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Overall, the experience was truly invaluable!


What do you remember about your first years of work?

I started my freelance career, before moving to NYC, doing hair for legendary rock stars for VH1 Decades Rock Live... I had the pleasure to work with Heart, Alice and Chains, Cyndi Lauper, Dave Navarro, the list goes on.


Where does your inspiration come from? Why is your work different from the others?  

I am inspired by nature, street style, vintage beauty, hybrids and architecture.  When I am given the opportunity to have creative freedom, I am not afraid to use a balloon to create static electricity in the hair, fearless to sculpt hair around a model's eye to form the shape of eyeliner, open minded to sculpt spikes that are reminiscent of a dinosaur.  I find that moments collaborating with open minded peers and fearless attitudes open the door to my most creative moments in my work.

static electricity.jpg
Hair as Eyeliner.png

Which editorials, campaign or moments in general do you remember as the most important in your career?

The launch editorial starring Joan Smalls for my new digital beauty magazine called DOCUMENTBEAUTY.com, is hands down the most important moment of my career.  I have full creative control as co-editor-in-chief and beauty director for the magazine which is the most powerful feeling I have ever felt! Creative directing is such a rebirth, a reinvention of myself... I'm so proud!



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On April 19th, 2017, Harper’s Bazaar lit up the Manhattan sky with a larger than life exhibition on the Empire State Building spanning 42 stories, featuring 15 decades of the most celebrated images from Bazaar’s archives.

I was thrilled to learn that the show was opened with an image that I styled the hair. My co Editor-In-Chief, Christine Cherbonnier, shared some congratulatory words that really stuck with me … “Talking about making it in New York!” 

“In celebration of our 150th birthday, we projected 150 of the most iconic images from the pages of Harper's BAZAAR on the Empire State Building with help from our friends at Tiffany & Co. last night, giving way to the chicest light show New York has ever seen.” - Harper’s Bazaar 

Full article...



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